I am a fine-art photographer and printer in Madison, Wisconsin.

I am interested in the intersection of portraiture and nature photography and how each of these can inform and enrich the other. I studied in workshops with Monte Zucker, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Jay Maisel, and Greg Gorman to develop an understanding of how light, color, and gesture could infuse an image with the unique personality of a portrait subject. I also studied with Michael Yamashita, Brenda Tharp, and especially Freeman Patterson to learn how to be present in nature so that an experience of awe would inform my photography. I owe each of these artists a great debt of gratitude.

Finally, I studied with Jon Cone at ConeEditions Press in Vermont and Bill Atkinson in California to hone my fine-art printing skills, and, worked with Dan Margulis to understand the perception of color in prints.